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       The Casino Management Handbook


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The Casino Management Handbook


The Casino Management Handbook is the authoritative reference source that every gaming executive should have.

Discover powerful strategies for increasing casino profits.

Faced with ever-increasing competition, casinos must have knowledgeable executives with access to good information.  This clearly written text helps bridge the current information gap with its innovative approach to casino management.  Here gaming executives will learn:

  • strategies for increasing a casino's hold percentage.

  • how to control the customer-alienating behavior of casino personnel.

  • which blackjack rule variations maximize casino profits.

  • the correct method for computing the profitability of promotions.

  • how to adjust the house advantage to maximize profits.

  • the pros and cons of "shilling" crap games.

  • why the house advantage for blackjack is higher on multiple deck games than it is on single deck games.

  • which elements combine to determine a casino's hold percentage.

and much more.